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Online Personal Coaching

 We are so excited that you are considering joining forces with iShoot Consulting!  

Our personalized online coaching is our most popular option, and with so many ways to adapt to your own criterion, it is hard to go wrong.

What Sessions Look Like

Each session will be different, but there are some basic concepts we like to uphold.

Training sessions will take place on Webex video communication systems. We employ the video camera to see positions and may ask for multiple angles or photos throughout the time so we can best help you efficiently. 

We utilize the SCATT Shooter Trainers as well, to give us an inside look at your processes and shots. If you do not have one, we can make do, but we do recommend them as essential training devices and sell them here. 

Rest assured, electronic targets or correct distances are not mandatory. We believe you can train anywhere, even in your own living room, and are confident that our techniques translate from dry fires to live shooting.

During your session, you may choose any position to work on, and are always welcome to bring concepts and questions to your coaches. Positions will be evaluated and things like balance, consistent positioning, and tension will be addressed each time. We also take pride in formulating effective processes for all positions and scenarios. 

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