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Online Personal Coaching

 We are so excited that you are considering joining forces with iShoot Consulting!  

Our personalized online coaching is our most popular option, and with so many ways to adapt to your own criterion, it is hard to go wrong.

How It Works

Once you have decided to join our team, you can begin the entry process listed below.

1) Decide which coach you would like to work with by visiting our coaching page (here), and which others you would be willing to try. Coaches are based on individual variability, and while we will do our best to pair you, please understand you may need to be flexible.

2) Check out our incoming athlete forms (here)


3) Fill out a contact form, or send us an email at

4) Be sure to include coaching choice, filled forms if you wish (these can also be filled out during a session or after the first few when you are comfortable with moving forward), and your availability for sessions.

5) You will hear from us soon! 

What Sessions Look Like

Each session will be different, but there are some basic concepts we like to uphold.


Every online session will either be 60 or 90 minutes, depending on personal preference or the level of the athlete. Shorter sessions may be more ideal for beginner or intermediate levels, since they will need to build up both their mental and physical stamina. We recommend switching to longer sessions as the athlete progresses, and begins to dive into deeper concepts. Of course, if an athlete prefers one length to another, they may simply discuss this with their coach, and their request will be honored.

Training sessions will take place on either Webex or Zoom video communication systems, depending on the coach. We employ the video camera to see positions and may ask for multiple angles or photos throughout the time so we can best help you efficiently. 

We utilize the SCATT Shooter Trainers as well, to give us an inside look at your processes and shots. If you do not have one, we can make do, but we do recommend them as essential training devices and sell them here. 

Rest assured, electronic targets or correct distances are not mandatory. We believe you can train anywhere, even in your own living room, and are confident that our techniques translate from dry fires to live shooting.

During your session, you may choose one or two positions to work on, and are always welcome to bring concepts and questions to your coaches. Positions will be evaluated and things like balance, consistent positioning, and tension will be addressed each time. We also take pride in formulating effective processes for all positions and scenarios. 

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iShoot Consulting is proud to announce that we are partnering up with ShotAnalyzer to continue providing unique training experiences.


ShotAnalyzer is an evaluation and training program for coaches and shooters utilizing real-time scatt values. The program ​​can simulate a shooters-eye view, in which the image that the shooter sees through his rear sight is projected onto the screen, allowing coaches to get a better feel of what you are seeing. It also allows you to join live online competitions with real athletes, so you can train match feelings.

iShoot Consulting is the exclusive USA vendor for ShotAnalyzer, and we would be happy to show you how to use yours!

Learn More 

Additional Training Offerings

In addition to the live virtual sessions, iShoot Consulting is happy to offer you additional services personalized for you.

These could include workout plans, training plans, competition schedules, mental management, and coordination with other athletes of your same level. These needs are evaluated in our entry forms and available upon request.

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