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ShotAnalyzer is an evaluation and training program for coaches and shooters. ShotAnalyzer synchronizes real-time scatt values ​​with the real “sharp” shot and simulates a shooter view, in which the image that the shooter sees through his rear sight is projected onto the screen. This feature is not included in any other software so far and that is what makes ShotAnalyzer unique.  

iShoot Consulting is the exclusive USA vendor for ShotAnalyzer. 



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What is ShotAnalyzer?

ShotAnalyzer is an evaluation and training software for coaches and shooters.

  • Scatt values are synchronized in real-time with the actual shot

  • ShotAnalyzer simulates the shooter view: The picture that the shooter sees through his or her rear sight is displayed on the screen. This feature has so far not been integrated into any other software and it thus makes ShotAnalyzer unique.

ShotAnalyzer can be fully used by rifle shooters (air rifle and small-bore rifle 50m) as well as by pistol shooters.

(Note: shooter view is not available yet for pistol shooters)


ShotAnalyzer is divided into three parts:

  • Evaluation and analysis

  • Training and shooting games

  • OCS - Online Competition System - No License Needed - Subscribe and get access to join real online competitions.  


In the evaluation and analysis part, the Scatt values can be synchronized in real-time with the actual shot fired onto an electronic target. No more manual corrections!  Evaluation possibilities that are geared especially for the aiming process.


The analysis is divided into 3 phases:

  • Approach/target approach – should occur slowly and from the same direction (preferably from the top and in a small band)

  • Aiming and shot – the hold area should be as small as possible; when the aiming picture is optimal for the first time, the shot should be fired cleanly

  • Follow-through – important for an optimal hit since it prevents the pellet from being influenced by sudden and premature movements


The training part currently offers 5 different games that have been developed especially so that shooters can improve their skills and have fun at the same time. With some games, concentrating on the perfect shot can be trained; others provide possibilities to train under competition conditions.

1. Phase: Approach

In this phase, the following values can be analyzed more closely:

  1. Speed – display in ShotAnalyzer: P1GS
    This speed designates the mean speed with which the target is entered, measured in mm/s. The software calculates the mean speed from the point of entering the target to reaching the 8-point zone. The measured speed should be as steady as possible.

  2. Approach angle – display in ShotAnalyzer: P1AW
    The approach angle is defined as the mean angle measured from the point at which the target is entered to the center of the target.
    Good shots usually approach the center from above. ShotAnalyzer sets the angle when the target is approached directly from above to 0°. Deviations to the right are displayed with “+” values and deviations to left with “-” values. When the target is approached from the bottom, the software displays 180°.
    The differences between the approach angles should be as small and steady as possible since the target should always be approached from the same direction.

  3. Pendulum value – display in ShotAnalyzer: P1PW
    The pendulum value designates the mean distance between several measuring points and the approach line. The pendulum value is indicated in mm and should be as small as possible. This should ensure that the shooter approaches the target with as few variabilities as possible.

ShotAnalyzer goes beyond normal training (including competition training), ShotAnalyzer offers various games as well as a Bundesliga simulator for more variety and fun.

  • Final simulator: train the final course of a competition

  • Bundesliga simulator: The shooter can compete against opponents who shot in real competition in a ligue system.

  • Decimal: Special method to train in the new decimal mode.

  • Stay above: Special method to train to stay above a defined minimum value.

  • Reach the target: reach the defined desired overall result with the defined number of shots

  • Tennis: In single shots, the shooter should perform the same or better than an opponent.

  • Pyramid: The shooter has a maximum of 30 shots, counted in decimals, to remove the 15 pyramid stones.

System Requirements 

  • Windows 7-10 Operating System.  It does not work for Mac at the current moment.

  • Scatt Professional / Scatt Expert (no support from Scatt Basic)

Scatt Supported.png
Scatt Unsupported.jpg
  • Electronic disc system: Meyton, Sius / Polytronic / SiusClub, Disag, Hering

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