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Meet The Coaches and Team Members


These are the current coaches that are available to take sessions. Click on their profiles to see their accomplishments, practices, and galleries. 


Jayme Shipley

Owner / Coach

Jayme Shipley is a USA Shooting Olympian.  She spent years on the line as an athlete competing in National Championships, World cups, World cup finals, Oceana Games, Championships of the Americas, Pan Am Games, World Championships, and was a member of the 1996 and 2000 Olympic teams.

Jayme is currently behind the line as a coach with the main goal of securing her young student-athletes a spot on an NCAA Collegiate shooting team and USA Shooting National team. She is traveling the country and world with her students, passing the knowledge to the next generation of shooters and future Olympic hopefuls.

She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Sports Shooting Association (FSSA) as the Director of Junior Activities.

Jamie Shipley

VP / Operations

Jamie is a United States Army Veteran of nearly 10 years. He served within Special Operations Command as a member of the 1st Batallion 75th Ranger Regiment as well as 4th Ranger Training Battalion. He fulfilled primary duties as a Special Forces Combat Diver where he became each units NCOIC leading all dive and waterborne operations. After active duty, he continues to serve the US Government in various capacities.  Currently, as a Department of Defense contractor for Bacik Group, LLC. He is positioned as the companies primary Contingency Operations Lead for sensitive site stabilization. Jamie holds port-security credentials and a US Coast Guard Captain's license.


Utilizing his skill sets from military experience, firearms knowledge, and training with Olympic shooting sports for over 20 years. Jamie has developed a unique methodology in leadership, attention to detail and mentoring for the competitive shooter. His unconventional and nonconforming approach has proven to be successful in developing the Athletes' mental preparedness, equipment and performance at national and world level competitions. He exudes extreme passion for passing on critical marksmanship skills and techniques.


When not deployed or traveling to a shooting competition as a coach/certified Anschutz and Walther factory-trained gunsmith, you will most likely find him on the water fishing, surfing or scouting for a new challenge.

Lake Yolk_edited.jpg

Lake Yoke

Coach / Consultant

Lake Yoke is a Level 2 Certified USA Shooting Air and Smallbore Rifle Coach. He also holds NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Assistant Rifle Instructor, and Range Safety Officer Certifications. 

As a member of the Purdue Rifle Team,  he competed in International Air Rifle and 3 Position Smallbore where he also served as the President of the Rifle and Pistol Club. During his time at Purdue, Lake taught rifle and pistol marksmanship to over 500 students as well as helped coach the Purdue Army ROTC Team. 

Lake has been awarded various collegiate shooting awards for Air and Smallbore Rifle. In Highpower Rifle, he has achieved NRA Across the Course High Master Classification, the American Highpower Rifleman Award, State Champion Awards, and the Service Rifle President’s 100.  

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