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TEC-HRO Integral Hand Rest
  • TEC-HRO Integral Hand Rest

    TEC-HRO integral Handrest


    Advantages and innovations of the hand support "TEC-HRO integral":

    • Hand rest adjustable in 5 dimensions (swinging, turning, outsourcing in all directions!!)
    • compact design as a result is only 30mm high
    • variably height-adjustable up to 65mm (due to other distance pieces in height can be expanded indefinitely!
    • can be outsourced on the side (so the rifle can be brought closer to the body or further away from the body)
    • for shooters who put the rifle on the palm of the hand in a standing stop as well as for shooters who are on the fist... Launch!! (no disturbing parts in the way)
    • Anti-slip milling for secure grip!
    • High-quality, German quality production - Appealing design - Very stable lightweight construction
    • Tech Specs

      Suitable for shafts of: TEC-HRO, precision engineering (FWB), Anschütz, Walther, MEC, TESRO, Grünig & Elmiger, Bleiker...

      Weight: 290g

      Length: 15 cm

      Width: 5.5cm

      Attention: From 2017, the front shaft of air rifles can be 120mm high starting from the middle of the barrel instead of only 90mm so far! Thus, this product can be used in the event of a sports-order-compliant setting also for the air rifle used. 

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