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TEC-HRO Cheek piece "NJ-CARBON"
  • TEC-HRO Cheek piece "NJ-CARBON"



    The cheek piece full carbon, feels comfortable "soft" or"smooth" and warm on the skin and is a real eye-catcher, which optically enormously enhances your rifle. Say goodbye to cheek acne and skin irritations around the cheek area.  Cleans easily, just wipe with alcohol pad.


    Adjustment options: 

    • Fine adjustment by means of Red wheel high/low
    • in the longitudinal direction
    • left/right swap (infinitely!)
    • oblique to the longitudinal direction (continuously)

    Suitable for TEC-HRO, Anschütz, Walther, Grünig & Elmiger and Feinwerkbau

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