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Starik Carbon Tube
  • Starik Carbon Tube

    The Starik Carbon Tube is a new barrel-tube for sporting rifles, developed from many years, int. successful Olympians, European Champion and multiple World Cup winner from Israel, Guy Starik.


    The Starik Carbon Tube is very light (about 200gr depending on tube length), allowing for “positive compensation”. This advantage alone sets the Starik Tube above the competition. Aside from this, its also a tuner.


    The tuner is a weight which can be precisely position by minute steps, allowing you to find the “Sweet Spot” of the tuner, by precisely adjusting the position of the tuning weight, until the barrel oscillations, create “positive compensation” thus greatly improving the accuracy with ammo of higher or lower velocity. This avoids vertical groups on the target.


    Being able to “tune the barrel” is an art long since studied by long distance bench rest shooters, but largely ignored by many Olympic Rimfire competitors. This is a shame, as the tuning can make a real and meaningful improvement to your rifle’s accuracy!



    In order to produce the perfect tube for your barrel, 2 measurements are required: Exact barrel diameter at the muzzle, and exact barrel length.

    To determine your exact barrel measurements please follow the following procedure:

    • Make sure your rifle is safe.
    • Insert an empty shell to the chamber and close the bolt.
    • Insert a cleaning rod from the muzzle end until it stops.
    • Mark the rod right at the muzzle.
    • Take the rod out and measure it from the end till the mark.
    • That’s your exact barrel length.
    • Measure your barrel diameter at the muzzle with a digital caliber.


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