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LMBR Chrono R2A
  • LMBR Chrono R2A

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    Suitable for air rifles, air pistols, firearms and archery. System units: Metric and imperial



    • Velocity: 12–2000 m/s (40-6500 f/s). Measurement error: = 1% @ 1000m/s.
    • Current consumption: 100 mA.
    • Power supply: 2 x AA (supplied) (alkaline or rechargeable batteries are suitable).
    • Dimensions: 210x105x100 mm (h x w x d). Weight: 980g. Measurements shown are approx.




    • Velocity V [m/s], [f/s]. Kinetic energy E [J], E [Ft/Lbs]. Shot counter. Power factor PF (IPSC).
    • Average kinetic energy. Average velocity Vavg. Minimum velocity Vmin. Maximum velocity Vmax.
    • Absolute velocity dV=|Vmax-Vmin|. Standard deviation SV. Rate of fire (RoF).
    • Bullet weight 0.01-50.00g (600 gr).
    • Calibration (settable distance between sensors).
    • Memory 250 measurements for velocities. Data transmision to computer.


    Checkout the product review from AirgunGearShow



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