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Anschutz 9015 Aluminum
  • Anschutz 9015 Aluminum

    Anschutz pushes the boundaries of precision engineering further with each new entry in their competition line. Based on the success of the 9003 and 8002 series, this dark beauty is hued in dual-tone black and anthracite coloration on its sleek frame. Utilizing the highly adjustable Anschutz butt plate, 9015 shooters will have no trouble finding a perfect fit with this rifle in any position. The jet-black PRO-Grip material which lines the cheekpiece, fore-end and grip can even be customized with fine grit sandpaper for a perfect fit. Each 9015 includes Anschutz famed 2-stage adjustable 5065 4K trigger with its exceptionally short trigger release that guarantees maximum precision.


    Caliber: .177"

    System: 9015 Single Shot, Pre-Charged Pneumatic, 5065 K trigger.

    Weight: 10.2 oz

    Barrel Length: 16.5"

    Stock Style: Aluminum Stock


    Delivered with:
    Hard plastic rifle case (Transport gun case MEGA), sight set 6834, 6922 Xtra tall sight riser block set, accessory box with: #001521 200 DIN BAR filling adaptor, #001520 air release screw, & tools. #013558 fore-end block with accessory rail.


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