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Our Mission

We strive to have the highest quality coaching staff and educational needs for our athletes involved in Olympic style rifle. With levels of experience and expertise ranging from NCAA athlete to multiple time Olympians, we ensure that all needs will be met to their best abilities, and all the biggest dreams will be reached.

We look forward to getting to know you, and achieving our goals together.


- 3 Current National Development Team Members

- 4 Current National Team Members

- 20 Current NCAA Competitors

- 90% of US and NCAA National Records

- 1 Tokyo Olympic Team Member

- 5 Current World Cup Competitors

- 5 Junior World Championship Team Members

- 3 World University Games Competitors

- 1 Olympic Medal
- 30 International Medals at World Cups, World Championships, and Invitationals
- 3 Junior National Champions at the 2024 Junior Olympics 
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