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What is the Online Competition System with ShotAnalyzer?

ShotAnalyzer is an evaluation and training program for coaches and shooters. ShotAnalyzer synchronizes real-time scatt values ​​with the real “sharp” shot and simulates a shooter view, in which the image that the shooter sees through his rear sight is projected onto the screen. This feature requires a license purchase and is not included in any other software so far and that is what makes ShotAnalyzer unique. 


In addition to this software, it is now possible for you to shoot a "real" competition against "real" opponents from anywhere in the world with a monthly subscription.

In order to join online competitions, you will need to be a subscriber and download the ShotAnalyzer application.  No license necessary to use this portion of the application.


Online Competitions System (OCS)

  • Ability to utilize the system online or offline

  • Supports air rifle, air pistol and small bore competitions (one position)

  • Independent of age and gender - you decide which competition you want to take part in

  • Can be used in combination with Scatt, an electronic system or both

  • Independent of time zones

  • Analyze shot images in real-time (your own and those of your opponents)

  • Representation of Scatt courses (prerequisite: Scatt is used)

  • Real-time based, detailed analysis and evaluation of your competition in ShotAnalyzer (prerequisite: valid ShotAnalyzer license)

Who can participate

  • All ages and experience level welcome

  • Purchase a subscription package below. No need for a software license to use this feature.  

Requirements to  join Online Competitions

  • Installation of the ShotAnalyzer software (purchase of a license is not mandatory) → DOWNLOAD ShotAnalyzer

  • Activate your OCS account via ShotAnalyzer

  • An online competition subscription 

  • Windows 7-10 Operating System.  It does not work for Mac at the current moment.

  • Scatt Professional / Scatt Expert (Scatt Basic not supported at this time)

  • Electronic system: Meyton, Sius / Polytronic / SiusClub, Disag, Hering








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